With the arrival of the latest Rambo film in theaters, I want to review the life of Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone (Hells Kitchen, New York, July 6, 1946).

Eldest son of an atypical family at that time, since his father   Frank Stallone (1919-2011) was a hairdresser from Bari (Italy) and his mother   Jacqueline France Labofish (Jackie Stallone, 1921) an immigrant from a Jewish family from Odessa (Russia) who first worked in an aerialist circus, while at night she ran a nightclub as a showgirl, astrologer, hairdresser with her ex-husband, dance teacher and representative of women in wrestling, as well as running a women's gym ...

He has a younger brother named Frank Stallone JR. (1950) dedicated to music and who has participated in a movie and a sister on his mother's side Toni Ann D'Alto born in 1964 who died in 2012.

Sylvester has been married three times:

Sasha Czack from 1974 to 1985 with whom he had his eldest son Sage in 1976, who died in 2012 because of arteriosclerosis that caused her cardiac arrest and a Sargeoh born in 1979
Brigitte Nielsen from 1985 to 1987
Jennifer Flavin  from 1997 to the present with whom she has had her daughters Sophia Rose (1996), Sistine Rose (1998) and Scarlett Rose (2002).

Since he is known as Sylvester Stallone (SS), he decided that all his heirs should have a name that began with that letter.

But all this is part of his biography, what you are waiting for goes further ...


Stallone suffers from facial paralysis since birth and not as some gossips believe it is because of his continuous retouching of the scalpel that he has suffered for decades or because of a stroke as a result of anabolics that makes him seem at times to have some mental disability.

The truth is that his labor was complicated and they used two forceps to remove him as quickly as possible so that Jackie would not be in danger. In doing this they cut a nerve in Sylvester's head causing partial paralysis that led to difficulties in various parts, lips, tongue, chin and inner nerves of his face.

Hence his peculiar way of speaking, dragging and slowing down the words and those gestures with his mouth.


Although sometimes because of his physique and his way of speaking it seems that the actor does not have many lights, he actually graduated , after being expelled from 14 centers for violent behavior, at the American College of Switzerland , then three years at the University of Miami where he excelled playing soccer and ended up taking a radical turn by betting on a future in acting.

So much so that to pay for his drama classes he had to do everything, even accept a porn movie called "The Party at Kitty and Stud's" also known in the world as "Staying Alive" in 1970, for which he charged $ 200.

The film recounts the sex life of a young woman   named Kitty and her boyfriend, Stud (Sylvester Stallone) who, seeking to break their sexual routine, organizes a party in her apartment that ends up becoming an orgy.

The next six years were not better, nobody wanted him as an actor because of his paralysis, his most representative jobs on the big screen were as an extra in Woody Allen's film "Bananas" (1971), a small role in one of the first chapters from the series "Kojak" (1973) or selling some scripts written by himself. Money was running out of him having to live under a bridge or in a subway stop, having to go to desperate measures like selling off his dog, a bullmastiff named Butkus, because he couldn't even feed him:

"1971 ... Since we're on the topic of" man's best friend ", Butkus when he was a puppy, we were both, lean, hungry and living in a subway stop ... Hot and cold cockroaches. Anyway , I didn't have much to do at the time except hang out with the dog and that's where I started to learn the screenwriting trade. Since I never went out, I trusted his company, and the idea of ​​writing Rocky was really his, but it wasn't. tell no one .... Years later when things got worse, I had to sell it for $ 40 in front of a 7-Eleven store, because I couldn't afford food, so as a modern miracle, I sold the Rocky script And I was able to buy it back, even though the new owner knew I was desperate, and he charged me $ 15,000 ... It was worth every penny! "


Stallone has always maintained that he wrote the Rocky script after watching a fight on television between Muhammad Ali and Chup Wepner on March 24, 1975.

If some think that the boxer is inspired by "The People's Champion", it is because he does not know what happened in that fight, nor does he remember the first film in the saga.

Rocky is based on the life of Charles Wepner (New Jersey February 26, 1938), a former fighter who lost all the great fights of his time as against Sonny Liston, George Foreman, Joe Bugner or Duane Bobick, almost always by KO and receiving sovereign beatings.

He had the opportunity for a rematch against Foreman when he was still the great champion, but Muhammad Ali snatched the title from him in that mythical fight in Kinshasa and at first, with 37 years behind him, he lost all option of being able to fight again for a qualification.

However Ali agreed to play the WBC and WBA belts against Wepner, perhaps as compensation for stealing his dream match. The bets were 30 to 1 and they saw in Chup a sparring to keep the champion in shape and be able to show off.

And so it was the first eight rounds, where "the bleeder of Bayonne" as the one from Jersey was known, did not stop receiving blows and emanating blood from various cuts, but did not fall to the canvas.   In the ninth Wepner went with everything and Ali received a gale of punches ending in the ring floor against all odds, the count did not reach ten and the champion recovered, but did not bend the knee to Chup until 19 seconds before the end of combat. 

There was a moment that was reflected in the film in which the boxer's eyes were so swollen that he could not see and the referee asks him how many fingers he can see, he says that three are correct because his trainer gives him three pinches. After the fight Wepner began to make his best fights despite his age, turning his career around

There is a controversy with the 1956 film "Marked by Hate" in which Paul Newman plays Rocky Graziano, another fighter who turns his life upside down to end up being the sensation, but Sylvester says it was based on the commented combat. In fact, the script was almost a novel that he would later publish in 1978 under the name "La calle del Paraiso", with some changes, V铆ctor Carboni being a man dedicated to wrestling, his brother Lenny his administrator and Cosmo his coach ... Finally Victor after playing his best fight would retire hating the ins and outs of wrestling.

Sly appeared for the role of another film, but as usual they did not select him, he was so desperate that he said that in addition to being an actor he was a screenwriter and presented them with the novel that he always took with him to auditions. Always remember this fact as: "luck comes when preparation meets opportunity"

Stallone sold the original script well and had to fight to be the producer of the film and even to play Rocky. United Artists paid just over a million dollars to make the film that would end up grossing 225 and three Oscars including the best picture, turning Sylvester from poor to rich and immediately a star, in addition to eventually making a saga of seven films more, including Creed's. A film critic of the time, Roger Evert, even said that "he was going to be the next Marlon Brando." The truth is that at that time he was crowned, he was selected for the Oscars as best actor and screenwriter, something that only two chosen ones achieved: Orson Welles and Charles Chaplin.

In response, Wepner sued Stallone in 2003 for compensation for his image rights by telling his story. He alleged that two weeks after the fight against Ali, Stallone called him to ask permission to make a film about him after the film, the boxer thanked him and smiled happily. Sylvester over the years promised him a compensation of 15 million dollars that he has never paid, which he claimed as well as using his name linked to Rocky's in some way so that everyone would know it was his story ...

As a curiosity, in the movie Rocky presents his two exotic pets to his girlfriend Adri谩n: Cuff and Link, two little turtles that Sylvester adopted after filming and showed before presenting Creed 2 this year. They are 44 years old and have lived since 76 with the. 


By 1982 "Sly" had already filmed the first Rocky trilogy and played other leading roles, in addition to doing double as a screenwriter in some cases. At that time, a film was on the table   about the novel "First Blood" (1972) by David Norrell, where a soldier from Vietnam is accused of being a vagabond when trying to rebuild his life back to the United States, his chip He changes when he is imprisoned and recalls a time in the war where he was kept kidnapped and tortured, starting a good sneak in order to escape and be free again.

Something was wrong when making the film, they needed to give soul to the main character, who was so precarious in the novel that he didn't even have a name. They thought that if the public got along with the protagonist, it was more likely that it would become a blockbuster.

That person already existed in real life and his name was James Gordon, popularly known as "Bo Gritz", a member of the special forces who fought in Vietnam with the highest decorations and with more than 400 deaths on their backs. A guy who had been inspired to play Colonel Walter E. Kurtz (Marlon Brando's character in Apocalypse Now, 1979) and Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith (character played by George Peppard in the A-Team series, 1983) .

The creation of John Rambo in this first film had lived a story similar to that of Bo, but it lacked his charisma and the end seemed closed since in the original version John committed suicide when he saw that he could not live after everything he suffered, only its success (the 15 million dollars invested became 225), made it possible to reopen that path ... And it revived! (changing the ending, of course)

At that time Bo did something very crazy, he asked Ronald Reagan for people to rescue old patriots captured by communists on secret missions. When the president refused, Clint Eastwood and William Shatner put money into the cause, and while Gritz found no one to save on their adventure, he gifted them the story for Rambo II in 1985 ...

That did not end the thing, despite the failure of the rescue of old patriots, his obsession made him participate in a fight in the abandoned mine of Sandy Valley (Nevada) against the Russian army, with Afghan mujahideen in 1986 ... giving another plot for Rambo III in '88.

Bo later led a far-right party alongside powerful people from the Ku klux kan, which stood in the U.S. general election under the slogan of God, Guns and Gritz, before retiring to live quietly on a ranch and stop touching noses ... thank God ... and even in that Rambo copied him!


Beyond being the two great protagonists of the American action films of the 80s and 90s, an almost irrational hatred, jealousy, pujas, attempts to end the other's career were processed ...
The two met in 1977, Stallone was already a star after releasing Rocky and living on the crest of the wave after its repercussion, Arnold for his part was a Mister Universe and Mister Olympia of bodybuilding from Austria who wanted to make a living as an actor with your body as a business card.

Perhaps the first puja was launched by Schwarzenegger after premiering "Conan the Barbarian" (1982) with some statements in which he said: "I don't use doubles like Stallone does in his movies . There began a resentment between them, making it clear that they did not like at all to be compared to the other ...

"The Terminator" (1984) enshrined Stallone's opponent and they began to put them on par in action movie films: "We were attacking each other in the media non-stop. It became so absurd that we suddenly argued. to see who had the most muscular body, who used the biggest weapon or who had the sharpest knife . "

That same year, during the recording of "The Red Warrior", Arnold had a passionate affair with his partner Brigitte Nielsen, a 21-year-old and 1.83-tall Danish model. When the film was released in 85, Nielsen was a Stallone couple and in the same year they married, although they divorced two years later. It is said that Sly made this move to show the Austrian who the alpha male in reality was, although Arnold sold him as he did him a favor because he almost separated him from the love of his life, his ex-wife Maria Shriver.

The pique was so big that Stallone put some clauses to make the Rocky IV movie, the Russian had to be a guy taller than him, very muscular and with an accent that reminded that of Schwarzenegger, who still had a hard time not showing his descent At the time of speaking. Dolph Lundgren was chosen, a Swede with only one film to his credit, but that did not matter since it gave the profile, but one more detail was missing, who was Iv谩n Drago's partner? Indeed ... Brigitte Nielsen and how It could not be otherwise, at the end of the film Stallone blows up his rival. If their relationship was already bad, from then on they could not stand each other, both tried not to coincide in events so as not to come to blows.

Arnold gave it back to him in the meanest way, trying to boycott his career, but in a very funny way showing Stallone's ego. The Austrian was offered to do a brand-new comedy in 1992, "Stop! Or my mother shoots". Upon reading the script, he understood the real film trash it was and thought that it could ruin his career if he accepted it, which turned him on. the light bulb ...   Filtering the press who was very interested in starring in it !. Sly, who was coming off a hit at the box office after "Oscar, get your hands off!" (1991), was looking for a comedy that would compensate him, showing that he was more than a guy for action movies and saw that his archrival was eager to star in that and had been right to accept his role in the comedy "Nursery Cop" in 1990. ..

He telephoned his representatives asking them to close the title role as soon as possible, which they did in a matter of hours and ended up being what for Sly is "the worst movie of my career". Thanks to interpreting   "Demolition man" and "Cop Land", his career returned to his being after the bump and put him in question as an actor.

Interestingly, in 1993, they dissolved their disagreements by participating in the same business, the "Planet Hollywood" restaurant franchise, Stallone visited Arnold after undergoing open heart surgery and he returned the visit by going to his house for Christmas. The Cold War, he went on to comic gags in his films, although they did not establish a true friendship until the beginning of this decade ...


By now, a Sly in his late fifties was beginning to question his career as an action hero, his body wasn't going to stay fit forever, and he wanted to be remembered as an actor with many registers and not so typecast. He was tired of collecting Razzies for the worst actor (he has the record from 1985 to 1997), his mind was on proving that he was the guy who triumphed with Rocky and that's where he wanted to mark his next steps in the cinema.

One way to keep making action movies is for him to be challenged with new challenges and for the script to have more than just kill a gazillion guys or prove he was a tough guy. He chose to star in "Cliffhanger" (Maximum risk, 1993), for a simple reason, he was terrified of heights and the plot was set on a 1,200 meter high mountain and his role was as a renowned mountaineer ... what better way to overcome a trauma than facing it in your own work !.

This same experience was repeated three years later to choose another action movie. "Daylight" (1996) and translated in Spain as "Panic in the Tunnel", has a plot where the characters are trapped in a road tunnel after an explosion in which the entrance and exit are collapsed.

If there is something that Sly is much more afraid of than heights, it is to feel locked in knowing that it is not in his power to leave. In both films he chose the plot without thinking much about the script, for personal reasons, although he had a good eye because they were big box office successes. 7) THE FATEST MOVE OF HIS CAREER

After a decade in which he began to see his decline as an actor and at the age of 60, he decided   to make use of the sagas that worked best in his career, Rocky, whom he had not reinterpreted for 16 years in 2006 and Rambo after twenty years without doing the same in 2008.

With Rocky there was not much problem because he sells it to us from the perspective of a former boxing champion who has been retired for 16 years and who has lost his wife to ovarian cancer. Despite his return to the ring to fight against the current heavyweight champion, his real age is in line with the role he plays ... but Rambo?

For Rambo, whatever movie it was, it had to show a guy in top shape to navigate the jungle and take on a gazillion enemies   and at that moment Sly is 62 years old and simply by age, he was very far from that hunky green beret that was scary at all more to see him ... He had to get much more spectacular than the Rocky seen two years before ...

Botox, innumerable aesthetic operations, acid fillers and anabolics to tutiplen, a credible Rambo had to be made and gym weight changes do not work the same when you are turning so many decades. 

 And boom the news breaks in the impasse of both films.

Stallone pleads guilty while promoting Rocky's film in Sydney on March 15, 2007, of carrying 5 boxes of Jintropin, or 48 vials of somatropin for his own consumption, a synthetic growth hormone to increase mass. muscle and reduce fat, prohibited in Australia for which you have to pay a total of $ 91,080, miraculously getting rid of jail and being able to leave the country: 

"A strange and really unfortunate incident occurred when I entered your country. I made a terrible mistake, not because I intended to deceive anyone, but because I was unaware of your laws. When I arrived in Sydney, the medicines were not hidden and without hesitation I showed all the medicines to Customs officers. Customs officers inspected testosterone and allowed me to pass medications. I have never supported the use of illicit drugs and have not committed illegal acts in my entire life. "

It seems that he does not learn his lesson and a similar altercation occurs again months later when he is in full Rambo recording. On January 16, 2018, Stallone is arrested in Japan on charges of bringing banned steroids into the country: 

"The unpleasant episode occurred in Japanese customs, when the man who gave life to Rambo was accused of trying to introduce banned steroids into that country. This is not the only time that Stallone has this type of problem. In fact, a similar situation lived in Australia last year, when he was detained for several hours accused of wanting to enter banned hormones in the country of Oceania. After the fact, the actor pleaded guilty to the charges against him and agreed to pay a fine of ten thousand dollars ".

The gossips say that the tattoos that he has worn since then covering his shoulders and part of his pectorals, were made so that he would not see the continuous punctures that he has to give to look like this with his age.


After leaving a lot of money to recover a physique to continue starring in action movies. With his mind set on it and with 63 years on his ID, Stallone is looking for a way to regain the attention of all those followers of his from the films of the eighties and nineties, without wanting to leave behind a Rambo and a Rocky recovered but who He does not want to burn, he must think of a new saga that can attract so much attention and he finds it in a 1966 film entitled "The Professionals".

A film starring tough men in its time Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, Jack Palance and Lee Marvin, four mercenaries hired to rescue the wife of a tycoon, which in its day had three nominations for the Oscars (best director, best screenplay adapted and better photography).

Make a reboot of that film with mythical actors in mature action films, but that people would pay to see them again ... All together in the same film and with the story on a platter ...

For the project we recruited: Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke to whom we added a former WWE like Stone Cold Steve Austin playing bad, an MMA like Randy Couture and the former player football player Terry Crews.  Obviously with Sly himself as the leader of the group, a recipe for success in itself, you had to not screw it up with the script because the film was sold alone, in addition to the statements of each actor ...

The Expendables (Los mercenarios, 2010) debuted on the US billboard as the highest grossing film of its opening week. This made Stallone the only actor in Hollywood history who has starred in films that debut as the highest grossing in five consecutive decades, not another thing, but he knows how to choose what people like ... almost 275 million gross in revenue. a movie that cost 80. The second part was insured ...

The Expendables 2 The Expendables 2 , 2012) to raise the ante, in addition to repeating the group led by Sly, they added people like Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van-Damme accompanied by Scott Adkins as baddies and Thor's brother, Liam Hemsworth. The movie cost around 100 million and raised 300, great reason to make a third.

The Expendables 3 ( The Expendables 3, 2014) in addition to returning the originals joined by Wesley Snipes and Harrison Ford, it was introduced to the new generation hired with the help of Kelsey Grammer: Antonio Banderas, former UFC and WWE Ronda Rousey , Kellan Lutz, Glen Powell and boxer Victor Ortiz and Mel Gibson as bad. Despite not having the impact of the previous ones, 90 million and 206 in collection, nothing suggested that it could be the last ...

Stallone has disagreements with CEO Avi Lerner, owner of the rights to the new Rambo saga that began in 2008 and Los Mercenarios. With Sly out of the project, the other protagonists refuse to continue because they got on the boat for him, since then the continuity of the saga has been paused.

We do not know if this will continue, but it has a serious chance of doing so after Sly made the movie for which I made this post "Rambo: last blood". As I have said, Lerner owns the rights to this saga and Stallone said 5 years ago that he would not work with him again, but he has and that opens new hope for this project, although Terry Crews seems that he will not return because he does not forgive Lerner .  


Without a doubt, Sylvester has made a lot of money from the cinema industry knowing how to choose in many moments which films to interpret, either for a large salary or because he knew they would end up being a blockbuster ...

What people do not know is that he also rejected very succulent films that made Christopher Reeve or Eddie Murphy famous, consecrated people like Bruce Willis, Richard Gere or put John Travolta or Kurt Russell on screen again.

The first to be offered to star in the Superman film (1978) , Stallone had just established himself as a star in the role of Rocky and fled from a superhero cinema that was frowned upon at that time for people who really wanted to succeed as an actor, as was his case at the time. It is also said that Marlon Brando, who makes one of the highest paid cameos in cinema in this film as the father of the hero, refused to share a film at the time with which they named as his replacement.

Years later, if he accepted the role of Superdetective in Hollywood (Beverly Hills Cop, 1984) , he doubted playing a comic role but got down to work, changing the script, the protagonist's surname (Axel Foley to Axel Cobretti, later he would use to "Cobra") and added a lot of action scenes, which meant that the movie went from $ 14 million to $ 20 and could not be made, remaining in a drawer until Eddie Murphy arrived.

From Pretty Woman (1990) , say that she was one of the many candidates to play Edward Lewis, first with Christopher Reeve and later with Denzel Washington, Daniel Day-Lewis, Christopher Lambert, Burt Reynolds, Dennis Quaid and Stallone himself.

The most curious thing is that the role ended up being for Richard Gere, with whom they have an eternal hatred since "The Lords of Flatbush" (Happy days) a movie that was going to be filmed in 1974 and where both were part of a biker gang. The thing is, they came to blows and the director had to do without Gere and give his role to Perry King.   From then on, they can't even be seen, and whenever they can, they pounce, the biggest thing is that Sly leaked to the press that Richard had a live gerbil taken from his butt, a legend that has haunted the actor to this day and that does not forgive. Richard owes a few movies to Stallone's negatives, such as American Gigolo, Officer and Knight, and Cotton Club.

Die Hard ( Die Hard , 1988) and Pulp Fiction (1994), in both films he was to star in a role that ended up in the hands of Bruce Willis. From the first we can say that the first option was Arnold Schwarzenegger and that it would have been the second in the "Commando" saga (1985), but the actor wanted other types of roles at that time and not make a saga with the same character. If he received an unfinished script that he didn't like ... Sylvester only worried about the role because they were going to give it to Arnold, but when he saw that his rival was dismissing it, his interest ceased and Willis was the tenth option! For the Pulp Fiction boxer, Tarantino's idea was to be played by Harrison Ford and after refusing he thought briefly about Stallone, but Willis appeared there in negotiations that were not progressing and kept him.

Face / Off (Face to face, 1997) , the initial idea of ​​this film was that instead of Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, its protagonists were Arnold and Sylvester, since in those years you could see each other and had a deal, but the plot to see them facing each other in a movie called the viewer a lot. Both opted for other projects and the film had to be seen from a different perspective.

Death Proof (2007),   Tarantino and Stallone is a courtship that does not match, after trying to give him the role Pulp Fiction and offer him another one in Jackie Brown playing the role of Robert de Niro, they also failed to agree to play a psychopath in the Quentin's worst film for me, in the end we saw Kurt Russell on the screen.

According to wikipedia, I dismiss other famous characters such as the Terminator and the Batman and Robin Freeze that ended up in Arnold's hands, After the green heart and Basic Instinct, which was appreciated by Michael Douglas, Nick Nolte's in 48 hours , Bob Hoskins in ¿ Who cheated on roger rabbit? or Mark Ruffalo on Shutter Island .


At 73 years old and after filming "Last Blood" which reminds me more of Clint Eastwood's Torino-type films or of Stephen Lang's character in Don't Breathe, but not John Rambo from the rest of the saga, what do we expect from Stallone?

What I am sure of is that he has Peter Pan syndrome and wants to continue doing action roles until the body can endure, it even gives the feeling that Rambo has not finished leaving an open ending that serves as well to close the saga as to continue if If that were the case, as happened with the previous one, but I doubt it because at the box office it is being a real disaster ...

We are the same with Rocky, after opening a new path with Creed, we do not know whether to wait for a third chapter for the trilogy or to believe Sylvester himself with those birds in his head to return to the original saga to give it another closure like the one that seems to give it to Rocky.

And now the possibility of seeing Los Mercenarios films again opens, after returning to work for Avi Lerner, after perjuring that he would never do so.

I think there is a moment of choosing very well what film to make and how to make it, waiting for him to focus on those projects for as long as his physique can endure  and not for him to keep trying to mess up the "Escape Plan" type and his saga, because it seems that there will be third part...

On the other hand, it  seems that now he is attracted to the superhero cinema after the cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and we can see him as "Samaritan" a kind of Superman in years. Curious that after 41 years and with more than 73 he took that path that he did not want to take with 32 in such a juicy role ...
Many projects and nothing in particular, except the desire to continue appearing on the screen and hitting or killing people.