馃槺馃槺 AC / DC: 20 Curiosities, Myths and Facts about the Band


AC / DC: 20 Curiosities, Myths and Facts about the Band 

1. How many vocalists has AC / DC had?

In a previous article we explained it in detail, but the truth is that it is quite unknown even for the most loyal followers. Well, AC / DC has actually had 5 singers to date. Yes, what you read, there are 5: Dave Evans, Dennis Laughlin, Bon Scott, Brian Johnson, Axl Rose 

2. Cheap Trick is the only band that AC / DC has invited to play with them.

Cheap Trick first performed with AC / DC in Greensboro in North Carolina on December 18, 1977. The band would enjoy a friendly relationship and continue to play together throughout the years. And when it comes to special guests, the only other person invited to play with AC / DC was Atlantic Records executive Phil Carson with the band in Brussels on January 25, 1981, in a Lucille cover of Little Richard.

3. AC / DC's First Major Concert with Canned Applause

AC / DC's first major show was at Melbourne Festival Hall on November 4, 1975. They were supported by Stevie Young (who would later be in the cabals as Bon Scott's replacement) and John Paul Young. A promotional video for High Voltage was shot with four cameras. Some applause from George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh was included in the video.

4. AC / DC in a MARVEL comic?

Marvel Comics planned to release a single comic to tie in with the release of Ballbreaker, the artwork of which used various images from the work. The story apparently featured Bon in hell. Bon wins a card game, allowing AC / DC to visit him so he can sing along with them one more time. Given that Ballbreaker was Brian's seventh album with the band, it seems false to believe that the band would allow such a story. Shortly after, Marvel downsized and the supposed comic never materialized. Now that Marvel is back at the top, is it possible that we will see some of our beloved Australians side by side with Daredevil or The Avengers?

5. AC / DC tries to hunt down the Loch Ness monster with fireworks

AC / DC singer Brian Johnson recently recalled the time when he and the late rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young went looking for the Loch Ness monster. In a drunken state, his plan seemed to make sense. And so they got down on their knees with shoes on the lake. "Malcolm had a drink in one hand and a box of fireworks in the other, trying to start a fire in the lake," says Johnson. When it was time to return to their wives, they had straw in their hair and were covered in mud. "What a night!"

6. AC / DC sued for making life bitter for a couple

In the song “Dirty deeds done dirt cheap” a phone number 36 - 24 - 36 is mentioned. This number actually belonged to a couple who later filed a lawsuit against the band, as they claimed they were being harassed by calls phone numbers of random people. The couple won the lawsuit and AC / DC had to fork out $ 250,000.

7. The original cover of "Highway To Hell"

The original album cover for Highway To Hell is said to have been the devil driving a car, looking in the rear view mirror, with the band sitting in the back seat. A photoshoot was even held in Statten Island, NY, in which the band hitchhiked. In the end, the record company balked at the idea, instead using a shot from the Powerage session, superimposed horns, and a satanic tail on Angus. One of the new shots was used on the back cover.

8. Bon Scott congratulated Christmas after death

When Bon Scott sent out his Christmas cards in 1979, something he did every year, he didn't pay enough postage, meaning many of the cards were late and late, after his death on February 19, 1980.

9. The ghost of Bon Scott in the backing vocals of The Razors Edge

Angus's wife, Ellen, allegedly told a fan who was riding the same train as her and Angus between concerts that when the band was recording The Razors Edge, they once walked into the studio and saw that there were backing vocals where it hadn't been recorded. none. And not content with that, he committed that the voices supposedly sounded like Bon Scott.

10. Researchers are using your music to help fight cancer.

Researchers from the University of South Australia have found that reproducing "Thunderstruck" during chemotherapy treatment is effective in improving the drug's effectiveness. They chose this AC / DC track because it plays all the correct notes. The vibrations of the song cause the microparticles of silicon that carry the chemotherapy drug inside a vacuum to bounce. This results in a polymer coating that prevents the drug from escaping while it is delivered, improving delivery to cancer cells. Yet another reason to love his Aus Rock songs!

11. The United States Army used his music as torture.

One of lime and one of sand. His music is healing, but is it also torture? In 1989, when Panama's Noreiga General Manual took refuge in the Vatican Embassy, ​​the United States Army played AC / DC music at their address for two days in a row. Despite the United Nations ban on the use of loud music during interrogations, they proceeded to use "Hell's Bells" as their weapon and eventually the dictator surrendered.

12. AC / DC accompanies the SpaceX astronauts

Veteran astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken heard AC / DC's "Back In Black" just before the launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft on Saturday (May 30, 2020) from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Behnken, 49, and Hurley, 53, headed to the International Space Station (ISS) in what marked the first manned space launch by a private company in United States history. 

13. AC / DC looked down on by Rolling Stone magazine

A review of the band's first album in 1976 on Rolling Stone Mag stated that "Hard Rock has undoubtedly reached its lowest point." It is clear that it was not exactly a visionary moment of the magazine and already many years later the guys from AC / DC laughed again replicating the cover in Rolling Stone in 2008.

14. AC / DC on Maximum Overdrive, IRON MAN ... soundtracks

AC / DC provided the soundtrack to Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive, which was Who Made Who. Then in 2010, and returning to the Marvel theme they made the Iron Man 2 soundtrack that includes 15 tracks from 10 different AC / DC albums.

AC / DC is a fundamental part of many other films such as Death Wish, The Avengers, Battleship, The Last Great Hero ...

15. Brian Johnson is passionate about motorsport

Brian Johnson of AC / DC owns two vintage cars: a Pilbeam MP84 and a Royale RP - 4. Race in his vintage cars in America while participating in vintage and historic races. In fact, we have been able to see him on television programs with this facet far removed from his role as vocalist and frontman of the band.

16. Angus and his exclusive school uniform.

This is a well-known classic but in case there are any clueless out there. Before Angus adopted the iconic school uniform costume, he tried MANY other looks… Spider-Man, Zorro, a gorilla, and a Superman parody called Super-Ang! In the early days, the entire band donned glam-rock outfits. They abandoned this look when they discovered that the Skyhooks already owned the glam-rock aesthetic. Angus settled on the look of the school boy at the suggestion of his sister, Margaret.

17. Bon Scott's real name

Bon Scott's real name is Ronald Scott. But after moving to Australia from Scotland, people made fun of him by calling him Bonnie Scotland. He later shortened it and kept his Bon Scott name.

18. Angus Young and his addiction to chocolate milk

While alcohol addiction is quite common among rock heroes; Angus Young sought another type of addiction in the beginning. Angus had a milk addiction. He had claimed that he used to drink gallons of milk before. Also, when chocolate milk was invented, he became a fan of it.

19. Brian Johnson at his auditions

At Brian Johnson's first audition he sang Whole Lotta Rosie, Highway To Hell and Nutbush City Limits by Ike and Tina Turner. At his second audition at Ezee Hire Studios in London, he was asked to create the lyrics for Given The Dog A Bone.

20. Malcom, a teacher from the start

In the early days, when Dave Evans was leading the band, they played the Chuck Berry and Rolling Stones set at a close friend's wedding. A guest asked them to play Zorba "El Griego", but the band didn't know. “Malcolm said 'Give me a minute,' he left and practiced for a while, all by ear. Then Malcolm said, 'Tell him yes, we will.'

Well, with all this we hope that from now on you will be a little more expert in the band. There is little left to enjoy the new AC / DC album in full and as always here we will continue to inform you.