Sylvester Stallone under investigation following 1990 rape allegation



Sylvester Stallone under investigation following 1990 rape allegation

The Los Angeles Prosecutor's Office is reviewing these accusations that join others by a woman who claims that she was raped by him when she was still a minor

Photo: Stallone in a file image.  (EFE)
Stallone in a file image. (EFE)

In the midst of the sexual assault controversy that overshadows Hollywood and its upper echelons, Sylvester Stallone is the last to have to defend himself against these accusations by a woman, still unknown, who claims to have been raped in the actor's office. in 1990.


The framework of this alleged attack is still unknown, but the complaint that is now under review would have occurred in November of last year in Santa Monica, California. The case would now have been taken to the District Attorney in Los Angeles according to Greg Risling , a spokesman for said office, who stated last Wednesday that "the matter is under review by our special group for sexual crimes . " Likewise, he did not give more details or comment on the possibility that this alleged event could be settled under California's 10-year statute of limitations.


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So much has been the media commotion around this occurrence that the star's lawyer has spoken out to acknowledge that Stallone "did know said woman, since he even had a three-day relationship with her in 1987 while he was in Israel filming 'Rambo III' , but that in no case did he suffer abuse from his client”.

The actor with Trump in a file image.  (EFE)
The actor with Trump in a file image. (EFE)

The 71-year-old actor would then be 44. At that time he was in a relationship with his current wife, Jennifer Flavin , and was living the height of his career after starring in the blockbuster 'Rambo' and 'Rocky' . For now, the only statements that the defendant has made public have been in reference to his family: “It is one thing to want to hurt me, but here they are attacking innocents: the people who are in my life and whose reputations are being stained. while they have to carry the weight of a lie on their backs. These things shouldn't be invented."

placeholderStill from 'Rambo'.
Still from 'Rambo'.

This accusation joins another that came to light in December, this time a more sordid case that would involve a minor who claimed to have been raped in 1986 by Stallone at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel when he was 40 years old and she was 16. . In addition, the plaintiff also pointed to her bodyguard at the time, Michael De Luca, for having joined said act and forcing her to perform oral sex on him. De Luca died in 2013 in a shooting by the Californian police.


The girl would have contacted the Nevada authorities at that time, but finally decided not to file charges against Stallone, according to her for alleged threats: "If you tell this to someone, I will have to hit you on the head, since both (He and his bodyguard) are married men.”


This last complaint would be part of a critical moment for the actor, who was divorcing his then-wife, Brigitte Nielsen, while shooting his movie 'Over The Top' in the city of sin.