Chris Hemsworth's anger on Instagram after the latest controversy on the net



Chris Hemsworth's anger on Instagram after the latest controversy on the net

The actor wanted to clarify the information that had been circulating for hours against him and his wife, Elsa Pataky, for the alleged misuse of water.

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Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth and their children have been finalizing the details of what will be their new home for months , a spectacular mansion in the southern area of Byron Bay , where the impressive views and closeness to nature are the main protagonists. An important step for the family, which is already completely settled in Australian lands, and also one of the most anticipated. However, a controversy that arose on the networks could have ruined this happiness for them.

It was this same weekend when several tabloids claimed to have seen trucks full of water arrive at the family mansion. A gesture that in other circumstances would not have had a greater impact, given the large size of the garden and pool of this new home, but which, however, with the great drought currently ravaging Australia, has generated a large amount of reviews .

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The negative comments in which they accused the interpreters of wasting water and not being careful with the environment have not stopped in recent hours, causing Chris Hermsworth himself to come out, through social networks, to settle the controversy . "This is totally untrue. Normally, I wouldn't reply to fake articleslike this, but it bothers me a lot. The truck was only for drinking water because, like all of us in the region who are not connected to city water, we have been left without drinking water because of the drought. NOTHING in my garden is irrigated with drinking water. Thank you for your concern, #dailymail, and thank you for adding more angst to an already brutal situation the entire country is dealing with. Merry Christmas", the actor wrote next to the article's own image on his Instagram profile.