The Beatles: How did the fight between John Lennon and Paul McCartney start?


 The Beatles: How did the fight between John Lennon and Paul McCartney start?

The dissolution of the "Liverpool Quartet" originated from various factors and among them are the disputes between this creative duo.

To a large extent, the magic of The Beatles lay in the creative complicity that existed between  John Lennon and Paul McCartney , considered two of the most brilliant musicians in history and one of the most iconic duos in rock. However, from that relationship also originated a constant struggle of egos and various factors that led the Liverpool quartet towards its dissolution. 

In 1970, the process of disintegration of The Beatles began , after the release of "Let It Be", the group's twelfth and last studio production. The official and legal separation would be carried out, finally, until 1975 and since then, until recent times, much has been speculated about the factors that caused their separation. Some blame John Lennon 's relationship with Yoko Ono, but Paul McCartney cannot be dismissed as being responsible for this feud. 

Thus began the fight between John Lennon and Paul McCartney that led to the disintegration of The Beatles

The frictions that dragged on for years, due to professional and creative jealousy, finally led to the recording sessions of said material, with McCartney's discontent about the decision-making of the band, related to the hiring of Allen Klein as manager. and Phil Spector as the album's producer.

It was then that Paul McCartney initiated legal proceedings against The Beatles and, while there was a resolution, he went to Scotland, where he met Linda McCartney, one of the great loves of his life, the same one who could have had more relevance than the that is believed, within this crisis.

A letter offered by RR Auctions, written by John Lennon for his former bandmate, circa 1971, has the following words inscribed: "I was reading your letter and wondering which middle-aged Beatles fan wrote it. ...Stuart's mother? Clive Epstein's wife? Alan Williams? What the hell, it's Linda!...Linda, if you don't mind what I say, shut up! Let Paul write or whatever ."

The hasty dissolution of the project may also have been fueled by  Paul McCarthey 's idea of embarking on a solo project, and this was demonstrated when in April 1970, when the lineup had not yet formally broken up, he released his debut solo album, for then start a race with the Wings group. 

Finally, the bassist decided to break his relationship with the band for his part and, advised by Allen Klein, did not give a first warning until he started the lawsuit against his colleagues. 

Let us remember that the dispute also intensified with the progressive consolidation of the love and artistic bond of John Lennon and Yoko Ono , who undertook, like the rest of The Beatles , a separate path since things began to falter and many times, Those projects have been pointed out by fans as being responsible for the loss of interest in working within the Fab Four. 

Finally, it is said that part of these differences could have been reconciled when Paul McCartney , Linda and John met again in a Los Angeles studio, when the interpreter of "Imagine" had a break with Yoko in 1974 and began to live with his girlfriend. May Pang.