Bono confesses that he can't stand listening to U2 songs: "I'm very ashamed"


 Bono confesses that he can't stand listening to U2 songs: "I'm very ashamed"

The vocalist of the rock group has acknowledged that he is not a big fan of his own songs. 

<p>The U2 singer accepted the title of Knight of the British Empire on one condition: that he not be called 'Sir'.  They were awarded for their fight to end AIDS in Africa.</p>
Bono, the singer of U2.

U2 vocalist Bono has caused a stir in his latest interview by confessing that he is not satisfied with the sound of his songs in the rock group and that, furthermore, he does not even like the name of the band. 

Paul David Hewson , as his real name is, spoke on the Awards Chatter podcast  and reflected on the start of his career, which he currently feels more ashamed of than proud of . 

"I am very ashamed ," he revealed openly. Although, trying to avoid controversy, he adds that perhaps shame is necessary to overcome oneself: "That's the place to be, as an artist, you know, right at the edge of your level of shame ".

Although given the success of U2 in recent decades these claims seem preposterous, the Irishman has recalled that it is not the first time he has received criticism for his voice in songs. The late singer Robert Palmer , known for Addicted To Love,  suggested to bassist Adam Clayton that Bono adjust the notes he played on to "do himself and all of us who have to listen to him a favor." 

The interpreter comments that he has begun to work on his vocal skills in recent years and "has recently become a singer." "Perhaps this has not yet been noticed by some people's ears," he concluded. 

In addition, in the same program he has indicated that he was never convinced of the name U2 for the group and, "he still does not like it" today. "In our heads it was futuristic," he explained, a feeling that they never achieved. They thought about changing it, they followed the advice of their first manager who assured them that it would look good on the shirts.